Styrofoam Plain Heads

We now offer plain styrofoam heads for the top of your newly created 'creature'.

Use with mask, scarf or paint it your self. If you choose to paint a plain styrofoam head do not use solvent based paints on the stryo-heads, solvent will damage styrofoam.

Plain Styrofoam head  $20.       


Custom Styrofoam Heads - Custom - Hand Painted

'CREATE YOUR OWN CREATURE' --- EVEN EASIER  We have 6 designs, each head is hand-        painted with a moisture resistant water based acrylic.The designs can be used as is OR as a      starting point from which you can make them as frightening, gory and extreme as you like..

 Now you can order

1.  Witch          
2.  Creeper                
3.  Vampire
4.  Zombie        
5.  Spirit                  
6.  Sleeper

Remember, these heads are hand painted -- meaning no two are exactly alike and variation can occur.

Wigs are NOT included

Pricing  $40.00